Property Management

With Richmond Bridge Residential, your property is our priority

Peace of Mind

When choosing a letting agency to manage your property, you want to feel confident that your property, or properties, will be managed to an exceptional level. Working together we ascertain how much you want to be involved in the management of your property portfolio, your expectations and long-term goals. Whether you’re a Landlord with a property portfolio of 1, or over 50 properties, we can design a service that will meet your needs and take you further towards achieving your goals.

Forging successful tenancies

Successful tenancies are achieved by providing a high quality service to your Tenants, and so our dedicated team are always on hand to resolve any issues promptly, ensuring quality repairs are managed effectively by our approved and certified tradesmen. Finding the right Tenant for your property is essential, which is why we undertake detailed checks as well as having face to face conversations, as some things cannot be deduced from the written word.

We understand, we listen, we care

We often have to pick up the pieces when a Landlord has been let down by another letting agency, due to poor service, lack of communication and inconsistent staff. We never like to hear stories of bad experiences, as these cast a negative light on our industry, but each sorry tale also inspires us to strive even harder to deliver a better service, as we look after your biggest asset.

No matter the distance

Whether you live within the Borough of Richmond or are an overseas investor, you will receive the same dedicated service from our team. Although we want you to let and forget, we also know you need to be kept informed. As a family run business we are passionate about the service we provide to each and every Landlord; simply put, we care, and we want your business to succeed.

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property management